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1.Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Research Paper Identifiable Information (PII) - Research Paper ExampleThe internet is one of the leading sources through which the PII can be obtained. The search engines such as Google and social networks can be used in disclosing vital details about a person. The public and private sector should therefore take a leading role in the protection of this vital data from access by the unauthorized persons. The disclosure of this information can be used to do illegal acts. Various law making agencies and the governments have imposed Laws and Acts with an aim of enhancing protection of the PII.The legal and Federal units have obligation protecting the sensitive information of persons from access by the unauthorized persons. The Privacy Act (1974) was established to ensure that the sensitive information is properly guarded. The Act details what, when or how the sensitive information of people should be disclosed. The State, Federal and Local agencies shall collect the information to facilitate the conducting of the businesses while ensuring the protection of the information from the unauthorized intrusion (Arditi, Herman, & Lambert, 2013). The National Institute of Standards and Technology proposes that the agencies should put measures in place to ensure that the information is properly handled. To enhance protection of the PII, organizations should carry out the following; creation of the procedures and policies for the PII, appropriate training to reduce exposure of the PII, response plan development (to reduce PII breach), Collection and Retention of the PII, and among many more others.The unethical use of the data (data breaches) has increased tremendously since the introduction of the PII. Due to the security breaches, PII continues to be in danger with the introduction of the new technology. PII can not only open the financial accounts, but also make falsified purchases (Chalmers, 2013). The Cyber Criminals and data thieves attach keen interest on the PII


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